Treating The Chlamydia Infection

In order to treat chlamydia in men they have to be diagnosed first. If you show any of the signs or symptoms just mentioned then you should speak to your doctor about taking an STI test. Chlamydia tests can either involve taking a swab or urine sample. If the tip of the urethra is inflamed or swollen the swab test can be painful. For this reason men may want to consider a less invasive method which is to provide a sample of their urine. Today, it is possible to do STD Tests at home as well.

Chlamydia is caused by a bacterial infection that affects the male and female genitals. Although both men and women are at risk it is women who are most susceptible to getting an infection. The STI is usually contracted when a person has sex without a condom with an infected sexual partner.

Abstaining from sexual intercourse is the most effective way to avoid being infected with this disease. It is always better to use a condom especially if you are sexually active. The highest group who are most at risk are young people who are sexually active and do not wear a condom. If you fall into this high risk group and have tested positive with the infection you need to alert your sexual partners as soon as possible for a test.

The Implications

The good news is this sexually transmitted disease is easily treated with a course of antibiotics. The antibiotics are commonly prescribed by a qualified doctor. It is vital that you understand that serious health complications can occur as a result of the STI being left untreated. For example, both men and women can end up becoming infertile. In certain cases women can develop a condition called pelvic inflammation disease which can be very painful and may even damage the female reproduction organs.

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