Have An Invention Idea?

With most inventors, creativity is certainly not in short supply, but not all of them were responsible for the spark that generated the idea. Some were, but not all. What a few have in common is that form of creativity that spots the potential of an existing invention and also the drive to convert that potential into reality and from there to hard cash. It’s that sense of dynamism that you can literally feel in such people, and the tenacity of a dog with a bone: they don’t let it go until the idea has been made reality. But they do need help from professional patenting agencies like Invent Help to do everything right.

Ever heard about chips being developed to implant in pets to track them when they’re lost? It might be a great invention for those who love pets and are worried about losing them, but it was costly and not an immediate business success. Many owners were concerned about the safety of placing an implant into their pet’s body.

However, one person had the idea of making this much safer and a lot easier, requiring no invasive techniques. The GPS collar for pets was the result. It was a simple idea using known technology. When you lose your pet, you simply connect to the internet and it is easily located. This idea involved not only creativity, but also the ability to spot a unique application of existing technology.

That is often all we have to do, when we are searching for an invention unique to ourselves. There is usually no need to reinvent the wheel, just to find a new use for it. It is often said that the best invention was not the wheel: it was two wheels! A new slant on an existing old idea??

The essence of being a successful inventor is finding an easy solution to a common problem. What you need to do is to seek for a unique solution that is the most convenient and easily attainable for your target market. If you can think of something that can do that, then it is time to move to the next stage.

Various businesses / individuals face different, common problems each day and as an inventor, all you have to do is identify what they are and find a simple / flexible solution for them. Such solutions can come in many forms, from unique software for making a task easier to a safer way of carrying out specific tasks. It could be a tangible invention (who does not use a bagless vacuum cleaner these days?), or a concept that enables others to solve their daily problems. However, there is one feature common to the most successful solutions: they can be easily understood by the target marketplace.

As an inventor / entrepreneur, your idea must be easy to understand or it will not be adoptedn as explained by InventHelp professionals. The simplicity of many successful new products or ways of doing things is one of the reasons for their success “why did I not think of that?” is a common comment. Make sure that you are able to explain in layman terms how effective your product is and how it will make life easier.

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