Submitting Inventions

Amateur and professional inventors have come up with some of the greatest inventions over the last century, including the automobile, the desktop computer, and the television. The reason why these products were so successful is that they were unparalleled in their contemporary markets, with little to no competition from other inventors or companies.

However, the 21st century will require inventors to become more creative at finding their niche when submitting their inventions to the general public. There are a few simple hints that will make the submission of inventions an easy process as described on

One major step in the invention submission process is to identify which path you wish to take with your inventions. One path is to propose your idea to a larger national or international company with a fully-developed research and development program.

While this path means a potentially greater pay off in a shorter time span, your invention will probably have greater competition and the chances of getting their brand name on your invention are very slim. The other path is going to a smaller company that may want to bring along a group of inventors for their rudimentary research and development plan but may not have the resources to effectively market your invention.

Another major step in the process of submitting your invention is to prepare a complete presentation on your invention. Business people in all markets are looking at the financial bottom line and the cost effectiveness of your invention will be one of their first questions. Preparing a production budget for one copy of your invention will give them a good idea of how much your product will cost to mass produce.

As well, your presentation should include how it fills a need in a particular market, what its practical application is, and any other pertinent information that will convince them to accept your submission as stated on By taking these two steps, inventors can walk their way to fame with their new inventions.

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