What Kind of Protection Can I Obtain for My Invention

The preparation of an application for patent (and the conducting of the proceedings in the United States Patent and Trademark Office to obtain the patent) is an undertaking requiring the knowledge of patent law and rules of the Office. An attorney must also have knowledge of the scientific or technical matters involved in the particular invention. There are also patent agencies, such as InventHelp which are cheaper and usually have more experience. Learn more about InventHelp on Kulturehub.

Patents protect inventions including green technology inventions, apparatuses, products, compositions of matter, machines, methods, processes, and software. If an inventor proceeds and discloses your invention to others and without patent protection, the inventor is dedicating the invention to the public and cannot prevent others from practicing the invention. Patents and a substantial business model can permit the inventor to sell or license the invention to others, or prevent others from practicing the invention.

Patent Pending

Patent Pending can be affixed to your product or goods once a patent application is filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This phrase may deter competition by manufactures or competitors.

International Patent Application

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is an international agreement for filing patent applications having ramifications in over 125 countries around the world. The Patent Cooperation Treaty does not confer patent rights but instead provides an applicant with time and information upon which the inventor can determine whether to enter the national stage and individually file a patent application in the desired countries around the world which is helpful when you are just starting out as an inventor.

Under the treaty, an inventor can file a single international patent application in the United States or another Receiving Office and simultaneously seek protection in any of the countries around the world within a set time period.

An Examiner will be assigned and a Patent Search will be conducted and a report will be issued analyzing the novelty and inventive step of the invention’s claims. The Patent Cooperation Treaty is useful and does not require that the applicant pay fees associated with each and every country the applicant desires foreign patent protection.

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